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Dr Ophelia Payne

– holistic therapist extraordinaire

Dr Ophelia studied flower-pressing and bird-watching at the University of Peppard (Red Lion campus). Although she did not graduate, she continued to pursue her interest in naked twitching during a brief stay in a mental health facility (which is now an executive residence near Borocourt but it is still believed to bear the stains of her dirty protests under the shag-pile). She then gained a PhD in Homeopathy and Crystal Therapy from the University of Caversham through distance learning.

Dr Ophelia specialises in:

1) Working with adults with mental and physical health problems (e.g. bad dress sense and fat ankles);
2) Children with learning and behavioural problems (e.g. fruit-shoot addiction and estuary accents);
3) Animals with learning and behavioural problems (e.g. barking at the moon and Granny goosing).

Dr Ophelia also runs a pet-swapping/dyeing service to ensure your pet always matches your outfit or home colour-scheme.

We look forward to regular contributions from Dr Ophelia, helping with readers' questions and providing an up-date on ways to spend your money on useless but reassuringly expensive treatments and general bullshit.

Coming up we have:

1) Hypnotherapy at home, a discreet system for the parvenu to get over the chip-on-the-shoulder syndrome, a normal condition for the self-made man/woman in Greys.
2) How to use everyday objects (Tiffany eggs, large gold nuggets, blood diamonds etc.) to make your own utensils for strengthening your pelvic floor. Free ping-pong ball with every issue.
3) How to make your otherwise talentless child appear vaguely intelligent. A system for working the system for school entry or obtaining an elitist learning difficulty label if there's a chance they won't pass the exams.
4) Crystal therapy to cure cellulite. Banish the hideous orange-peel effect for good or for God's sake cover yourself up.

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