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Greys Green itself is at the even richer end of delightfully rich Rotherfield Greys

This is the view leaving Greys Green (still a jolly good idea) as you head towards Henley from the B481)






The Editorial Board, while welcoming letters from residents, tries not to get involved in local vendettas (Mrs Ann Oying asks whether that should be vendettae?)

The situation involving Mesdames Kettle and Pott is becoming ever more heated, especially after that series of unfortunate incidents involving Mr Potts and Mrs Kettle's sheep

We reproduce the latest letters in the hope someone (Aunty B, mayhap?) can embark on a peace mission


Letter from Mrs Potts to Mrs Kettle (copied to Police)

Oi, missus,

Could you please try to control your flippin' kids? Can't you just subdue them wiv a jolly good whacking?

When my bloke got 'ome this evening, 'e comes roaring up to me, demanding 'is....oh, thank the lord, just the telly controls

Both controls finally tracked down to one of our many TV rooms, newly awash with a plethora of TV controls

One of your 'orrible 9 kids had nicked the controls from my bloke's lair. If you find which one, 'ang onto it til I get over there to give it a jolly good beating


Letter from Police to Mrs. Potts

We are sorry to hear that your husband has been the victim of crime

We would like to inform you that the perpetrator's modus operandi is well known to the local constabulary and that we were therefore able to apprehend the person responsible at 6.50pm tonight

The perpetrator initially attempted to resist arrest, but was hindered by her short stature and unstable gait

Unfortunately a full cavity search was rendered impossible

Our WPC is receiving treatment for shock

Please be assured that the person responsible is currently behind bars in her cot and parole denied until at least 6.20am tomorrow morning, when she will be due for a nappy change

Yours sincerely, Chief Constable B. Temup

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