This is Greys Green

red kite

Greys Green itself is at the even richer end of delightfully rich Rotherfield Greys

Don't stand still for too long or the chap circling ovehead might mistake you for roadkill




Village Idiots

Would the village idiots please refrain from throwing out cooked scraps and bones for the red kites?
These birds' natural food is carrion
Cooked food lacks the nutrients that they and their fledglings require Furthermore, cooked poultry and other bones can kill birds, as well as any cats, dogs or foxes that may come across them

News Flash

House at Greys Green

Large House at Greys Green disappears

Locals are puzzled by the complete disappearance of a large house from the edge of Greys Green some time in April 2011.

In a revealing interview, local resident Mr. Don Task-Mee, scratching his head - which he does rather a lot - said, "One minute it was there and next time I looked, it had vanished. This is a very quiet village. Nothing like that ever happens here".

In another revealing interview, local resident Mr. Noah Deer said, when asked about the occupants of the house, "We haven't seen them for months. They kept themselves to themselves". 

It is believed that this house disappearance may have been the work of thieves.

If anyone remembers seeing a car or trailer leaving Greys Green with a very large house attached, they should contact the authorities at once on the following website:


house vanished

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