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Greys Green itself is at the even richer end of delightfully rich Rotherfield Greys

Don't stand still for too long or the chap circling ovehead might mistake you for roadkill




Village Idiots

Would the village idiots please refrain from throwing out cooked scraps and bones for the red kites?
These birds' natural food is carrion
Cooked food lacks the nutrients that they and their fledglings require Furthermore, cooked poultry and other bones can kill birds, as well as any cats, dogs or foxes that may come across them

News Flash

Planning news:

Affordable Housing Denied Planning Permission

South Oxfordshire District Council has denied planning permission for several hundred low-cost homes. The eco-friendly developments were due to be constructed in areas of woodland around Greys Green and Rotherfield Greys in spring 2012. Vehement opposition from local residents is believed to have been the main influencing factor in the council's decision.

'We are delighted that the council has seen sense over this', says Mrs Nimby of Rotherfield Greys. 'This type of housing is known to attract large families who make a lot of noise at anti-social times of day, in particular the crack of dawn.'

Proponents of the affordable housing scheme say that the homes, constructed using only local biodegradable materials, would cause 'minimal disruption' to neighbours. 'The residents would complete the building work themselves, without the aid of heavy machinery' says their leader Mr Crow.

'I think the council is turning down a golden opportunity to foster community spirit and add a bit of colour to the local environment', adds would-be-resident, Miss Jenny Wren.

Local bigot Mr Juan Kerr, disagrees. 'This development would introduce a large, transient population to the area. When such groups move on, they inevitably leave behind detritus. I moved here from London to enjoy a country idyll - not to wreck my Hunters on acidic droppings and discarded eggshells during woodland strolls.'

Despite the setback, Miss Wren remains chirpy. 'We're planning to appeal', she says. 'We have the full support of the RSPB and the local Cats' Protection League.'

More News

Police stumped by abandoned car

Police have appealed for witnesses regarding a car repeatedly abandoned in Greys Green. Residents are puzzled by the presence of the dark grey vehicle, dumped between the hours of 6.30pm and 8.30am every night.

"I am not familiar with the make or model," says president of the Neighbourhood Watch, Kurt Entwitcher. "I believe it is referred to in certain circles as a 'hatchback' and it appears to have a second set of miniature seats attached to the back row."

Greys Green resident Ivor Largewad, who first spotted the car, said that it stood out immediately. "It was obvious that the car didn't belong here – it was small enough to have been parked neatly within one space and it bore evidence that two, three or even four people had travelled in it at once."

Anyone who may have useful information is urged to call 00899 123321.

Villagers throw party for new neighbours

The Residents' Association of Greys Green is to host a welcome party for a couple new to the area. Ian Terloper and his wife Mrs Ian Terloper, who moved from Nettlebed to Greys Green in 1971, say they are 'touched' by the generous gesture.

"It is always nerve-wracking to be the newcomers in a well-established community," admits Mr Terloper, "but we feel privileged to have been accepted so quickly." The couple had been in their new house for just 40 years when they received the invitation.

"We had just finished our extensive renovations, when a note dropped through the letterbox," smiles Mrs Terloper. "It said simply 'Village hall, Thursday 7.30pm. Be there or else.'"

The couple say they are looking forward to meeting their new neighbours and intend to take an active part in local boundary disputes and planning objections.

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