This is Greys Green

view of greys green

Greys Green itself is at the even richer end of delightfully rich Rotherfield Greys

This is a view of Greys Green to your right as you head out (best plan) toward the B481




Poetry Competition

The editorial board received several worthy entries for the Can't Write Don't Care poetry prize and, after a very short deliberation before repairing to the pub, decided that this entry came closest to emulating the genre so beloved of our local organ, capturing - nay, glorying in - banal observations, tortured sentence construction, desperate rhymes and slightly off-kilter scansion

A Village Poem

With insincere apologies to the Henley Standard


Oh lovely, lovely hamlet of Greys Green,

      So lush and green…but not grey!!

And ever so rich (although we don't like to preen)

      With a green on which we do play.


The crack of leather on willow resounds

      The tiles on roofs they do shatter

A bounding ball to the boundary bounds

      The occasional car crash won't matter!!!


Did I mention we're rich? Oh so wonderfully rich!!

   Our houses are gloriously large!!!!!!

Oh, neighbours to SOD council might snitch

   But it's been 20 years now – quel dommage!!!!!


Like I said, it's so beautifully 'green' here not 'grey',

   Well, except for the road and some cars,

And the walls of the church and the stones, you could say!!!!

    Dum de dum de dum de dar…s


Greys Green, not one more jot shall I write,

      My homage to you is now o'er!!!

My words (though not your charms) are finite!!!

      Jeez, my life couldn't be slower.

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