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Greys Green itself is at the even richer end of delightfully rich Rotherfield Greys

This is the view leaving Greys Green (still a jolly good idea) as you head towards Henley from the B481)









Local issues

From time to time, matters are brought to the attention of the Editorial Board and , in this case, we thought we should "run it up the flagpole" as we believe the NPLU would say

Strange Goings-On


We have received disturbing reports of strange events at the other end of Rotherfield Greys, involving small groups of people meeting on a fairly regular basis in an oddly-designed building, certainly erected without the benefit of planning permission, without adequate heating or surround sound

We hear that candles, chanting and strange garb are involved

Some say that sinners are congregating on a regular basis in an effort to partake in some kind of ritualistic purge. Doomed effort, it would appear, as the bountiful supply of local sinners keep coming back for more of the same. You would think that anyone involved in this recurrent failure would ask for his/her money back and report it to the ASA, to boot

Mr, Kurt N. Twitch thinks it may be part of the local al Qaeda network but I think we can reassure him on that count as only the women appear to have beards

Ms O G Nist sends a disturbing report of periodic gatherings of bizarrely-clad people indulging in scenes of witless optimism while shouting and laughing at pairs of luckless individuals to mark the foundations for a short spell of animosity followed by long periods of enhanced largesse for notaries

On a more serious note, mysterious excavation activities in the area appear to be linked to the disappearance of local residents. Volunteers are invited to enable us to reseach the sequence of events

Anne T. Christ sends news that people occasionally gather to witness parturition in facilities that could only be described as sub standard and wonders whether this practice should be reported to the Health and Safety Executive

On a brighter note, we gather that this building is also used on occasion for the ritual drowning of infants - sadly unsuccessful so far

Edna D. Whirled is very upset about where this is all leading. Let us reassure her that these bizarre practices are probably just a passing phase and the followers of this cult will undoubtedly soon embrace a new fad

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