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leaving greys green

Greys Green itself is at the even richer end of delightfully rich Rotherfield Greys

This is the view leaving Greys Green (still a jolly good idea) as you head towards Henley from the B481)









Local issues

From time to time, matters are brought to the attention of the Editorial Board and , in this case, we thought we should "run it up the flagpole" as we believe the NPLU would say

The gift of giving - Christians, don't you just love 'em?


And here we have an extract from the local Sect mag (aka Inappropriate Contact) for Nov 2011:

Church mag stuff


Believe that, you'll believe anything - oh, they're Christians, after all. (As for the missing possessive after Jesus; they're Christians - you can't expect them to be bright as well).
All that we Atheists, Jews, Moslems, Hindus et al say is, go for it you Christians, keep those house doors open and let the rest of us sleep easy with all our loot safe.

More exciting Christian stuff

Stand by your beds - it gets better:

caning class

Just get a load of that final paragraph - a caning group. All your dreams come true. Hosted perhaps by Cynthia Payne?


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